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  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Janitorial Service

  • General Office Cleaning

  • Floor Maintenance Service

  • Refinishing all floor types

  • Carpet cleaning service

  • Window washer service

  • Light fixture cleaning and re-lamping

  • Complete Commercial Cleaning Service

  • Ceiling Tile And Grid-clean

  • First, there is a very little chance that your workers have the skills required for using specialized pieces of cleaning equipment and cleaning products. A good office cleaning service will make use of different specialized cleaning equipment and products. It is also composed of cleaners who have undergone training in the proper use of equipment and chemicals for cleaning.

Why do you need to hire a janitorial service instead of trying to delegate the cleaning tasks internally?

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  • Second, mandating your employees to clean will only waste time which could have been otherwise spent on doing the tasks that you pay them for. At the same time, it also affects their productivity. It is likely that the hourly wage that you will pay them to clean is much more than the janitorial company that has properly trained cleaning staff who are willing to do the job. You can save money when you save time so outsourcing such duties to a reliable office cleaning service like X Cleaning Professionals can definitely help you save some cash in the long run.